7 Fix If OnePlus Open Touch Not Working Properly 100% solved

 7 Fix If OnePlus Open Touch Not Working Properly 100% solved

Hello friends, If the touchscreen on your OnePlus Open is not functioning properly, there are simple solutions to fix it, as long as the screen is not physically damaged. In this guide, I will take you through these solutions step-by-step.

Why Won’t My Latest OnePlus Open Touch Work Properly?

First Main reason

Software glitch: Touchscreen issues could result from software glitches. Hence, you must ensure that your OnePlus Open has no software bugs or glitches.

Second main reason

Faulty screen protector Tempered Glass: If the OnePlus Open screen protector is poorly fitted, the OnePlus Open device can have issues registering your touches. Even if you’ve applied a thick screen protector or Tempered glass, touchscreen problems can occur.

Third Main reason

 OnePlus Open Hinge problems: A hinge on foldable phones like Oppo Vivo Samsung Google Foldable, such as the OnePlus Open, allows the screen to fold and expand. If it is damaged or misaligned, it can cause touchscreen problems. Carefully inspect the hinge for any damage on the OnePlus Open Foldable Devices.

Third Main reason

OnePlus Open Incompatible app: OnePlus Open or any other foldable phone Like the Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone isn’t optimized to work well with all Android apps. So, there can be issues if you try running an incompatible app.

Forth Main Reason

 OnePlus OpenHardware damage: The OnePlus Open screen could be damaged or malfunctioning. It’s generally the case if the OnePlus Open device has been dropped or damaged by water. Exposure to extreme temperatures can also damage the OnePlus Open touchscreen.

How to Fix OnePlus Open Touch Not Working Properly

1. Restart Your OnePlus Open Device

2. Clean the OnePlus Open Touchscreen

3. Check for OnePlus Open Software Updates

4. Remove Problematic OnePlus Open Apps

5. Remove the OnePlus Open Screen Protector

6. Factory Reset Your OnePlus Open Device

7. Contact Customer Care on OnePlus OpenSupport

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