oppo cph 2015 a31 latest pin pattern FRP remove one click umt

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  oppo cph 2015 a31 latest pin pattern FRP remove one click umt

hi friend today I will share with you how to unlock  oppo cph 2015 a31  pin pattern FRP unlock one click with umt ultimate multi-tool (no need to online)

this tutorial was only your oppo cph 2015 a31  your mobile

first, download and install umt tool  given link below

then install mtk Mediatek driver

now open umt mtk

select mtk one click

select read info

select reset/format format fs

select reset frp

click execute

oppo cph 2015 a31 latest pin pattern FRP remove one click umt

now switch off your oppo cph 2015 a31 pin pattern password-frp locked mobile

connect USB with your cph 2015 a31 by  pressing  volume up and down and connect with pc

if you see like below you are done

Operation : MTK One Click

Hold VOL UP + DOWN and connect USB Cable.

Some phone may have different key combination for BROM mode.

Waiting for device in BROM mode...

Port: COM15

Port Name: MediaTek USB Port (COM15)

Path: \\?\usb#vid_0e8d&pid_0003#6&df2ee03&0&1#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73}

Chipset: 0x0766, [MT6765]

Hardware Info: 0x8A00, 0xCA00, 0x00

SecureBoot: True

SLA: False

DA Auth: True

Disabling WatchDog...

- Success

Sending Payload data...

- Payload sent

Initiating Control Transfer...

- Done

Waiting for result...

Disable Auth Success

Preloader saved as : preloader_oppo6765_19581_211105_122354.bin

DA : MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin

Waiting for Phone in Flash Mode...

Connect Power Off phone within 30 secs...

Port : MediaTek USB Port (COM15)

Connected to BROM.

Sending Download Agent...

connect DA end stage: 2, enable DRAM in 1st DA: 0

Connected to Download Agent..

Syncing with Target...

Reading Partition Table...

Storage : eMMC

Reading Device Information...

Manufacturer : OPPO

Build Flavor : full_oppo6765_19581-user

Build Desc. : full_oppo6765_19581-user 9 PPR1.180610.011 eng.root.20210625.165501 release-keys

Android Ver. : 9

Patch Level : 2021-07-05

Platform : MT6765

Board : oppo6765_19581

Platform : mt6765

Platform : MT6765

Board : oppo6765_19581

Platform : mt6765


Formatting Userdata...

- Success!

Seeking FRP Data...

Resetting FRP...

- Success!

Disconnect Battery/Cable and Power On Phone.

[UltimateMTK Ver. 4.4]

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