MIUI 11 Latest Fastboot Flashing ROM For (all popular redmi devices)

MIUI 11 Latest Fastboot Flashing ROM For (all popular redmi devices)

Download MIUI 11 ROM For Most Popular Xiaomi Phones
Hi Mi user Good News for all of you 
Xiaomi Mi has finally released the new MIUI 11 ROM For the most popular  Xiaomi Phones. MIUI 11 is the successor of MIUI 10 and no doubt MIUI 11 will be way much faster in every expect. When Xiaomi launched the MIUI 10 ROM there tag line was “faster than lightning” which promised to offer better performance.
Now the latest version of MIUI 11 has been launched with a tag line of “A New And Unique OS”. Xiaomi has done many upgrades on MIUI 11 so this will be the best and high-performance ROM in the Xiaomi history.

MIUI is one of the most used operating systems builds by Xiaomi. Unlike other smartphone brands that redevelop stock ROM into custom made ROM’s. MIUI is one of them, they have optimized there ROM in such a way that makes multitasking very easy. Also, it is well known for the features that MIUI provides.
MIUI 11 best Features
MIUI 11 is going to have an enormous amount of features including System-Wide Dark Mode. You will see a reduction of ads in MIUI 11. You will also see the redesign of the icons for a long time MIUI icons have remained unchanged or have been slightly tweaked now that’s all supposed to change.

Icons are going to get more minimalistic and flatter and animations are also expected to get smoother. The next best feature is the ultra power-saving mode. Something similar to the ultra power saving mode it’s a power-saving mode that turns the screen monochrome black and white it is just going to let you text and calls.

System-Wide Dark Mode
New Sound Effects & Better Dolby Sound Effects
Unlock: Fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock now simultaneously, waking up via voice command
Info Screen with charging status
Private albums for videos
Better energy-saving features
How To Install MIUI 11 ROM On Any Xiaomi Devices
Now with the help of the below steps, you can easily install MIUI 11 ROM on any Xiaomi devices. But before stepping towards the steps make sure to complete the requirements.
Your Phone Must Be Rooted
Make Sure To Check Your Device Is Eligible To Install MIUI 11 ROM From The Above List
Download MIUI 11 ROM With The Help Of Above Steps
Steps To Install MIUI 11 ROM On Any Xiaomi Devices

1.click over to Settings
2. Go To About Phone    System Update
3.  At The Right Top, You Will Find Three Dots Click On That
4. Tap On “Choose Update Package” 
5. Now Browse The MIUI 11 ROM File & Select It
6. Once Done Your Device Will Reboot And The Installation Process Will Start
7. After That Again Your Device Will Reboot And This Time You Will Be Boot Into MIUI 11
8. Now you Have Successfully Installed MIUI 11 On Your Xiaomi Device.

all edl test point with image
download miui 11 fastboot rom
Redmi Note 4 

Redmi Y2 

Redmi Note 5 Pro 

Redmi 5A 

Redmi 8A 

MI Mix 3 

MI Max 2 

MI Mix 2 

Redmi Y1 

Redmi 6 Pro 

Redmi 5 


Redmi Y3 


Redmi Note 7 Pro 

Redmi K20 

Redmi K20 Pro 



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