Oppo A71 CPH1801 Qualcomm FRP pin password unlock with MRT 2.60 tool without dongle

Oppo A71 CPH1801 Qualcomm frp pin password unlock with MRT 2.60 free tool

If you own an oppo a71 CPU Qualcomm Android Smartphone user and forget pattern your lock, PIN lock or password of your device then try this method.  this method can remove pin password and FRP lock from Qualcomm oppo a71 this is not for MediaTek mtk devices

first, we will remove the pin password pattern with a free tool

switch off your oppo a71
wait 20 second
Press volume up and down button and connect USB mobile to computer
it will detect Qualcomm driver com port
open MRT 2.60 free tool
click qc unlock
select brand oppo
select mobile oppo a71-qlm
select port correct com port (watch video tutorial)

Click start

if you see 
>>>>Auto search Mobile port...
>>>Try connect to mobile...Success
    CPU_SN:  0xD58630F1
    MSM_ID:  0x0009A0E1

>>>Try connect to mobile...Success
>>>init mobile...Success
>>>Downloading boot...Success
>>>Switch mobile to RE\WR ...Success
    Flasy type:  eMMC
>>>>Reading Mobile IMEI Info...Success
    org imei:
>>>>Erasing Userdata...

    Corresponding operation completed!!!

corresponding operation success 
you did
now power on phone
click clear storage 

if you stuck on FRP don't worry
a simple method 
within 5 seconds we will remove frp

just go back
click emergency call
dail *#812#
wait 10 second
now there is no FRP
just go to settings and change language English
then do a factory reset 

download latest 7zip for extracting all our software

download and install mrt 2.60 working without dongle free tool


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